Mine/Cave Exploration Vehicles


Underground and mining operations;
rough outdoor terrain.

Rugged EVA Rover

The Ryonic Armadillo is designed for underground and mining operations as well as rough outdoor terrain. Boasting 8×8 drive, fully independent suspension with airless & deformable tires, it can efficiently tread over any obstacle. Fitted with the same full HD pan, tilt & zoom camera as the RMIS Crawlers, ensuring unmatched visuals when inspecting hazardous and difficult to reach areas.

It is also configured on our wireless control system that can operate up to 2km but a shorter wireless system is also available to range up to 100m.

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Mine/Cave Exploration Vehicles

“Rugged, tough & versatile, a new extra vehicular activity (EVA) inspection robot
for hazardous and dangerous environments.”

Rick Montgomery
Lead Roboticist

New Technology

With computer vision at it’s core, our Armadillo is able to inspect underground and mining environments and captures full HD video without the need for expensive fibre technology in the tether cable & eliminates the need of post-processing. The Armadillo Rover is the ultimate machine for inspecting hazardous terrain.

Perfect Support Team

Our systems come with 24/7 international remote assistance to provide you with highly trained guidance and troubleshooting in the field or anywhere else.

We strive for service excellence & onsite assistance is by default already incorporated in every system we deploy.

Best Build Quality

The modular design approach makes the Armadillo Rover the most versatile and adoptable system on the market, allowing for integration with a multitude of sensors and accessories. All systems are handbuilt and machined in-house to the highest standard. State of the art fabrication methodologies ensure that the system can face and overcome any challenge.


Underground and Mining Operational Vehicle


Key Features:

  • Class leading video quality and compression
  • Free reporting and control software suite
  • International online support
  • NDT and other sensor integration
  • ATEX certification in progress
  • Full wireless operation
  • 12 month warranty
  • 24 month full maintenance plan available+

Technical Data

Motor Modules4
Wheel Size200mm
Range100 meters
Pressure Rating3 Bar
SuspensionAll terrain
CameraPTZ 1080p Full HD

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