Pipe Inspection Crawlers & Cameras

Pipe Inspection Crawlers & Cameras

Crawlers For Almost
Any Application

Our standard RMIS crawlers are configured for data acquisition and NDT applications in the pipeline inspection and mine survey industry, but have also been designed for other applications and industries too. These include but are not limited to:

  • Military surveillance and de-mining
  • Search and rescue
  • Infrastructure cleaning and repair
  • Specialist exploration

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Range Tethered

Cost effective crawler system for short range applications. . Up to 300 meters (tethered) and 180 to 450mm (Internal Diameter).

RMIS Maxi M8
Range Tethered

Durable crawler system for medium range inspections. Up to a 500 meters (Tethered) and  450 to 720mm (Internal Diameter).

Range Tethered

Cost effective crawler system for medium range applications. . Up to 500 meters (tethered) and 450 to 680mm (Internal Diameter).

RMIS Tethered Robots

Our RMIS tethered robots are ideal for short to medium range applications.

RMIS Wireless Robots

We have designed our wireless robots to go where no other crawlers can go. Standard range of 2000 meters can be increased using our signal repeater technology in hard to reach places.

RMIS Variations

Our standard product range includes 6 base crawlers. Mini & Maxi short, medium and long range units.

These units are however available in other variations upon special request and these include but are not limited to:

  • Wireless/Tethered Combos
  • Electronic suspension
  • Larger rough terrain wheels

New Technology

With computer vision at it’s core, our RMIS Crawler is able to measure the width & length of faults inside pipelines & other environments and captures full HD video without the need for expensive fibre technology in the tether cable & eliminates the need of post-processing. The crawler will soon also be able to measure depth & protrusion of faults.

Perfect Support Team

Our systems come with 24/7 international remote assistance to provide you with highly trained guidance and troubleshooting in the field or anywhere else.

We strive for service excellence & on-site assistance is by default already incorporated in every system we deploy.

Best Build Quality

The modular design approach makes the RMIS Crawler System the most versatile and adoptable system on the market, allowing for integration with a multitude of sensors and accessories. All systems are handbuilt and machined in-house to the highest standard. State of the art fabrication methodologies ensure that the system can face and overcome any challenge.

The Ryonic
RMIS Inspection System

The RMIS crawler is a low cost inspection system that offers state of the art technology, at affordable rates and without compromised quality or features. A team of highly qualified and experienced mechanical, electronic, electrical, mechatronic and software engineers designed the system to be a best-in-class crawler. The system is configurable for various applications and can be fitted with an array of sensory equipment to enable any data acquisition and meet the specific inspection requirements. The equipment has been tried and tested in the harshest environments, including underground mines & pipelines.

RMIS Key Features

  • High quality build and materials
  • Innovative technologies and engineering
  • Configurable to customer requirements
  • Designed and manufactured in South Africa


  • Pipeline & confined space inspections
  • Mine shaft and tunnel inspections
  • Oil rig riser and other vertical inspections
  • Autonomous surveillance for security and military

RMIS Crawler
Sample Inspection Video

RMIS Industrial Crawler Packages

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