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RMIS (Ryonic Modular Inspection System)


RMIS  have been designed with an easy to use, modular click and assemble system. Our robotic pipeline crawlers cover extensive pipelines and have been tried and tested in the harshest environments. Built using quality, high strength, lightweight materials, including aerospace grade aluminium bodies for manoeuvrability and adaptation. Latest science and technology integration, application and configurations are fitted with our in-house designed RIS (Ryonic Inspection Suite) software for real time reporting, sensory equipment and electronics, ensuring fast and reliable processing of acquired data, with smooth and stable communication and robotic control.


  • • Water pipelines
  • • Dry pipelines
  • • Sewer
  • • Commissioned pipelines
  • • 450-720mm internal pipe diameters


• 450mm -720mm (Internal diameter)

• Real-time reporting

• Modular and configurable to customer requirements.

• Enhanced grip for horizontal pipeline applications.

• Full HD digital PTZ camera

• Rear-view camera

• Live video streaming capability

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