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RIS (Ryonic Inspection Suite)

RIS is the main inspection software system of Ryonic Robotics and allows for real time generation of inspection data such as CCTV footage, 3D Lidar sampling, audio capture, fault snapshots and inspection databases. It also gives the operator full control over any of the inspection robots and provides real time feedback of onboard telemetry such as battery power, signal strength, robot orientation and much more. RIS also allows for an operator to communicate to a remote office location via video broadcasting, audio chat and text chat as well. The operator in the remote office location is then also able to assume complete control over the inspection system via a broadband internet connection for troubleshooting and or assistance on site.

RRS (Ryonic Remote Server)

RRD is the remote viewing and monitoring package that allows third party personnel to monitor and scrutinize site operations via a broadband internet connection. It allows for video playback, audio chat and network chat as well in order for the office and site personnel to be able to communicate effortlessly during ongoing site operations.

RISC (Ryonic Inspection Screencast)

RISC enables third party connections to the site control system via an Android smartphone or tablet and allows the third-party connection to view the front and rear video camera feeds from the inspection robot. This is particularly useful in crowded site operations or where site management are mobile but still have to monitor ongoing site operations in spite of not being able to physically attend the site inspection.

RRD (Ryonic Remote Desktop)

Ryonic Remote Desktop is the remote-control application that allows third party management or support staff to remotely connect and control the complete inspection system.

RVI (Ryonic Virtual Inspection)

RVI is the Virtual Reality plugin that allows the operator of the inspection system to view the inspected environment with Oculus Rift support allowing for much better immersion in 3D environments. This also provides a different perspective for viewing faults within environments by scaling the environment dynamically to 1:1 scale or even greater to have a better understanding of faults, deformations or other defects.

RAI (Ryonic Augmented Inspection)

In development.

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